Village of Airport Drive

The Village of Airport Drive, MO is located in Jasper County Missouri and is part of the Joplin metropolitan area. 

The area first developed in the early 1800's.  The first residents of the area known as the Village of Airport Drive came during the mining era of the 19th century.  The most recognized landmark in the Village, Stone's Corner, was named for the former resident, Dr. Wilfred J. Stone.  His home and business were located at the intersection of Highways 43 and 171. 

The Village of Airport Drive was incorporated on November 27, 1947.  The name of the Village was taken from the close proximity of the Joplin Municipal Airport.  The Village is bordered by the City of Joplin, the City of Carl Junction and Jasper County. 

The Village's history is similar to an urban suburb, people moved to the Village to live in a "country atmosphere".  The Village is currently home to 698 residents and growing. 

The Village has a Board of Trustees, which serves as the primary decision making body, along with a Zoning Commission and Board of Adjustment.  The Trustees serve two-year terms with a chairman elected within. 

The Board of Trustees looks for active participation of individual citizens and groups to encourage open communication and evaluation of needs.  The Board believes that through community input and citizen participation, that the Comprehensive Plan for the Village reflects the community spirit and ambitions. 

Currently, the Village of Airport Drive contracts most services. 

The Village has a Municipal Building which serves various functions, including: village records storage, Board meetings, and serves as the Tuckahoe Election site. 

Education is provided by Webb City and Carl Junction School Districts.  These both are A+ school districts.  Carl Junction provides the Village with Fire Protection and Jasper County provides Animal Control.  Residents are in the Postal Districts of, mostly, Joplin and Webb City, with a few in Carl Junction.  The Village has E911 addressing.  The Village contracts with the Jasper County Sheriff's Office for 2 full-time deputy.  The Jasper County Sheriff's Office provides police protection as well. 

Utilities include: 
Empire District Electric Co.,
MO American Water Co.,
Jasper County Rural Water District #1,
MO Gas Energy, 
A T & T,
MediaCom Cable and Internet Service, and
Airport Drive Sewer Service (Carl Junction Treatment Plant). 

The Village also provides Leaf Collection, Snow Plowing, Street Maintenance, and much more.   

The Village is a wonderful place to raise children.  We have a rural like atmosphere, with small streets and large lots.  VIllage residents do not pay property tax to the Village of Airport Drive. 

The Village is at the cross roads, which offers Prime Commercial Development, but doesn't interfere with the rural like atmosphere.  In order to protect the quality of life of the residents, we will continue to promote the existing ex-urban atmosphere and provide adequate and efficient public facilities and services. 

For more information, please call the Village office at 417-623-6744.  Come for a visit and fall in love with the spaciousness of the Village of Airport Drive, MO!!